Saturday, June 25, 2011


Looking through the window and wondering when this gloomy weather will go away, it has been a few days of gloom and rain. Meanwhile, we officially just have summer. Not knowing what to do as we can’t go out and play. I decided to make eggrolls. I thought it would be a prefect snacks for today.
Of course, this time I chopped vegetables pretty small. I had to do this in order to make my son not to notice so much about vegetables and actually eat them.  I did once post this recipe on my old blog, HERE.

Some carrots, chopped them finely
Green beans cut tiny.
Some shrimps
Any ground meat, I used ground pork
Salt and pepper.
To make skin:
100 gram all-purpose flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon melted margarine
300 ml milk.
Combine all purpose flour with salt and melted margarine. Add eggs one by one and whisk them until smooth texture. Gradually add milk and whisk until smooth.

To cook skin, cook them the same way you would cook crepes. Take about 3 tablespoon and pour evenly on the non stick medium pan. When the skin is getting dry on the edge and easy to peel off that means it is cooked.

Stir garlic on hot oil for about 2 minutes then add shrimps, ground pork, salt and peppers. Lastly add vegetables. I prefer to cook vegetables half done.
Take one cooked skin and add the filling on the middle of the skin and form it like you make an envelope

Everybody in my family loves my homemade eggrolls, now I am eating while watching ‘ghost hunt’  what the heck….


  1. wah ini dicolek sambel sing puedeeesss, halilintar lewat dah, hehehe
    * japitannya girly sekaleeeeee

  2. To Ira: as girly as the owner of this blog? LOL

    To Roossy: I only made little bit. next time...:)

  3. welkombek dwwiii...hihihihi...cakepp booww

  4. Wow, Dwi ... I didn't know you have another blog, and finally you starting to blog yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Will visit often provided you will make delicious treat like this. Kidding! I'll visit you regardless.

  5. Lovely eggrolls! That filling looks really scrumptious.