Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple breakfast with waffles and eggs

I don’t have fancy recipe to share with you but simply to write about our simple breakfast on that morning. We woke up later than usual that morning; I went to bed pretty late the night before to finish editing picture of Vanessa and Ryan’s engagement. If you like to view more of their engagement pictures please click HERE.

I didn’t plan to cook waffles or eggs, but my son wanted me to cook something different that morning. I guess he got bored with cereal. I cooked the waffles by simply follow the direction on the box. And about cooking egg, I don’t think I have to share here to you… many of you I believe has more delicious recipe!
The sun kept shining brighter; I have nothing to gripe about. Life was good that morning, as I saw him my son ate breakfast and finished it up so quickly!


  1. ok sip, pasti datang kl suguhannya waffle sama telor, yum...

  2. Ra, kita berdua dateng yuukkkksss :P:P

  3. Sometimes simplicity is best :). Thanks for commenting on my blog -- I'm so glad to have discovered yours. You take lovely photos.

  4. That is a breakfast fit for a king or queen! Yummy.